The best support for lawyers, accountants and companies by clarifying facts and figures in the financial-economic field and in the field of integrity.

Clarifying in disputes!

In each of the following areas, extensive experience has been obtained over the past 35 years in a wide variety of cases and branches, both nationally and internationally.
Forensic accountancy

Acting as a financial economic expert/forensic accountant/investigator in (potential) legal proceedings, all the way to the courtroom, usually as a party expert at the request or under the direction of a lawyer, for the purpose of establishing and clarifying the relevant facts, sometimes leading to remorse.

Fraud investigation
Often at the instigation of an external accountant but sometimes the organisation itself, one-off support for organisations in the event of staff fraud, management fraud or a corruption case, in order to obtain clarity regarding the facts, nature and extent of the incident and the role of those involved.
Integrity and fraud management

Helping organisations to achieve and maintain a high level of integrity and fraud management, which is less about rules and procedures, but more about a healthy business ecology capable of withstanding everyday challenges through insight, knowledge and skill.


Education on the above topics at various educational institutions and on one-off request.


My promise

​Clarifying in disputes through investigation.

An assignment must always serve a legitimate interest and be relevant. I don’t look for ways to specifically target someone. My role is to carry out independent fact-finding in order to clarify a statement for the purpose of finding the truth. This can be done as an expert in a lawsuit or as a forensic accountant in a fraud investigation. But I always want to know in advance what the outcome of my investigation will be used for. Only then is an investigation relevant.

Even in the interest of a lawyer, I will perform my role independently. I will not be concealing or making up any facts; I do not represent either the lawyer or his client. A lawyer needs to know both the strengths and the weaknesses of his case and is therefore served by independent and objective investigation. That is exactly how I help lawyers win their cases, because that is the interest I serve.

Passion, energy and commitment drive me to do my job as well as possible. I am not flawless and always invite my client to refute my findings, to contradict them, until we know that we are right or that our differences of opinion are permanent, but that we do at least agree on that

My approach


An expert investigator always determines what (closed) question their client wants to answer with the results of their investigation. The investigator checks with his client what he intends to do with the results of the investigation.

On the basis of this knowledge, the investigator establishes the legal framework within which the investigation takes place. That legal framework will determine the further design of the investigation.

Within that framework, the investigator formulates the factual (open) investigation questions to be answered factually and the resulting plan of action, so that the client gets exactly the facts he needs to answer his question and justify the intended action.

That makes an investigation relevant.


An investigator records his sources and the results for each claim in his report. The authenticity of the sources and results should be recorded as well as possible.

An interview report is valuable if it turns out to have been shared with the interviewee and has been received back with corrections. If this was done by e-mail, the file includes the related e-mails. Preferably, the file should also include a sound recording of the interview.


An investigation that is designed to be relevant should always be reproducible. Another expert investigator should arrive at similar results with a similar design.

In fact, an investigation design can be seen as a set of specifications for the construction of a house; if you put all the building blocks together in an agreed manner, the same structure is created.


The results of an investigation do not depend on the choice of one or the other expert investigator. The opinion or judgment of the investigator is irrelevant.

The investigation is free of values and does not lead to a judgement by the investigator, but provides the foundation underneath the judgement by the client, the lawyer or the court.

Litigation or decision-making without having certainty about the relevant facts is a tombola.

Expert fact-finding provides certainty that there is a foundation under the well-considered choices to be made or the strategy to be chosen, and that gives peace of mind.
Of my estimated 80,000 total working hours, I now have 70,000 behind me, of which I have spent 60,000 hours investigating facts and figures in financial administrative and similar environments. I want to use this experience and reputation to spend the remaining 10,000 hours of my working life helping clients win their cases through relevant, reproducible, verifiable and objective research.

Start in time!

Clearly, time is an important factor in expert investigation. Therefore, please contact me as early as possible. Not only does this ensure better file creation, but it also saves you time.

What is expert investigation?

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