Can expert investigation be taught?

I obtained my first degree in 1984, but due to circumstances I never became a teacher as I once intended. Maybe that’s why I like to train people. I provide training in integrity management, the role of tone at the top, conducting expert investigations and conducting fraud investigations. The training sessions often combine multiple subjects. Sometimes it concerns very specifically designed training courses, such as the conduct of conformity investigations by the curators, the role of the administrative secretary in integrity management or the expert investigation on behalf of legal proceedings.

varied education

For training courses, the contributions vary from a half-hour keynote speech to master classes that last a few days to training courses that take even more days, often in collaboration with other specialists. It all depends on the ‘what’ question that is asked.
I am passionate about helping anyone who wants to learn to understand that the world of integrity risk management, in which investigation has an important place, is different than many people think. Misunderstandings lead to suboptimal control. For example, something to think about: integrity control has little to do with honesty.

"Peter Schimmel has played an important role within Fortress Academy for years. He does this both in the field of educational development and in teaching the group himself. His enthusiasm, substantive knowledge and his stimulating positions provide a lot of positive energy in the groups that Peter is in responsible for. In addition, Peter Fortress Academy provides the inspiration to coming up with new initiatives.”

“Peter is an passionate and expert lecturer at Governance University, who always gets good evaluations and ensures a lot of interaction. Clearly an authority in his field.”

dr. Stefan Peij
Director of the Governance University and editor of Goed Bestuur, Magazine on Governance

“When I teach, something happens. With passion, drive and striving for excellence, I take participants into a learning experience, interspersed with practical examples, but always based on sound theoretical insights. And you can always ask me anything.”

“Peter has the ambition and concrete desire to bring fraud investigations in the Netherlands to a higher level and has been an active advocate in this field for years. He does this not only on an educational level but also as a speaker or columnist. Peter works thoroughly, solidly and in a structured way, is loyal, has a great deal of substance, acts as a discussion partner at board/executive board level and is always ready to contribute to the further professionalisation of the fraud work field."

Responsible and enlightening fact-finding and circumstantial investigation provides peace and certainty and puts you ahead of the game.

Of my estimated 80,000 total working hours, I now have 70,000 behind me, of which I have spent 60,000 hours investigating facts and figures in financial administrative and similar environments. I want to use this experience and reputation to spend the remaining 10,000 hours of my working life helping clients win their cases through relevant, reproducible, verifiable and objective research.

Start in time!

Many organisations have their employees carry out investigations without any experience or expertise, resulting in a lot of damage and little result. Training prevents that damage and can be the beginning of fruitful craftsmanship. As a result, the costs of training almost always pay for themselves. The sooner you start, the faster you will earn back your investment and the longer you will enjoy it.

What can expert investigation mean for educational purposes?

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