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Frequently asked questions


Is the work of an expert expensive?

It’s not for free, but the rates are comparable to those of an average lawyer. In principle, only the time worked on a specific assignment is charged. An indication is always given in advance of the possible costs and how agreements will be made should the assignment be larger than previously expected.


Why do many investigations take so long?

Many investigations involve individuals. If that is the case, then it is usually a case of hearing both sides of the argument. Bear in mind that legally reasonable deadlines then apply, which can be up to six weeks. It is not uncommon for two rounds of hearings to apply.


Do you work alone?

In principle, yes, but if someone can do something better than I can, I will hire them or refer them to them. Usually, this is foreseeable at the outset and I will try to involve or refer that specialist from the outset, of course always in consultation with my client.


Is the work subject to permit?

In principle, the Private Security Companies and Detective Agencies Act (WPBR) applies to personal investigations. The WPBR regulates what is a legal obligation for security companies and detective agencies before they are allowed to carry out their activities. The volledige wettekst can be found on the Government’s website. Accountants are exempt from this permit requirement.


Do you take on every client?

No, I must in any case comply with the requirements of the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act (Wwft). I also assess whether there is an expectation that I expect to actually be able to fulfil; I want to be able to add value. In addition, the client must of course also want to agree to my terms and conditions of assignment. This is recorded in an order confirmation, which the client must sign.


What kind of accountant are you?

I am a chartered accountant registered with the Royal Dutch Association of Chartered Accountants (NBA). I also studied economics and am a Certified Fraud Examiner, registered at the ACFE.

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