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​When is expert investigation required?

Auditors who carry out financial statement audits are sometimes confronted with indications of fraud. At such moments, they know what to do, because the regulations are clear (NV COS 240). If an audit is to be carried out under the responsibility of the board of the audited entity, it is also important to the accountant that it is carried out by an investigator who is experienced in such situations.

In my career, I have carried out many investigations into integrity issues, such as fraud or corruption, arising from an accountant’s need to have that investigation carried out. In such situations, it is important to not further obscure the often somewhat compromised trust between the auditor and the auditee, so that parties can constructively resolve the issue, including the implementation of a proper recovery plan.

What this means
for an accountant

I regularly give training sessions for accountants and their clients, to make it clear to them what the risk of fraud really is. The aim is that they, each from their own perspective, can make an optimum contribution to fraud risk management. It also happens that I then help to further implement or monitor this fraud risk management.

“In cases of fraud or corruption, the accountant/client relationship is put to the test. I contribute to keeping that relationship workable, partly through expert investigation, so that parties reach the best possible outcome.”

Responsible and enlightening fact-finding and circumstantial investigation provides peace and certainty and puts you ahead of the game

Of my estimated 80,000 total working hours, I now have 70,000 behind me, of which I have spent 60,000 hours investigating facts and figures in financial administrative and similar environments. I want to use this experience and reputation to spend the remaining 10,000 hours of my working life helping clients win their cases through relevant, reproducible, verifiable and objective research.

Start in time!

Clearly, time is an important factor in expert investigation. In order to prevent possible animosity between the accountant and board members, it is advisable to involve an independent investigator in an integrity incident at an early stage. Therefore, please contact me as early as possible.

What does expert investigation mean for accountants?

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